Judgement Free Counseling in Kansas City and Overland Park

Change Your Mind, Change Your Behavior & Change Your Life

Elliot Swanson - HealingKCAs a Relationship/Individual Life-Coach Elliot Swanson offers a multidimensional approach to problem solving, without judgment, for clients and couples in Missouri and Kansas. Couples seeking solutions to emotional, situational or sexual impasses in their relationships will find a safe place to be honest with themselves and each other. Individuals struggling to find their way or refocus their direction in life and their relationships will find the tools necessary to change course.

Elliot focuses on helping you understand yourself, your issues and your needs without judgment. Her goal in therapy is to enable you to direct your own life, resolve your inner conflicts, break destructive patterns of behavior and find the confidence you need to believe in yourself.

Spiritually minded & emotionally grounded,
Elliot treats the mind, body and spirit. 

With a focus on heart-centered guidance and common-sense solutions, Elliot works enthusiastically with clients who participate in both traditional and non-traditional lifestyles and relationships. As a sex-positive and kink-friendly life-coach, she offers counseling and therapy to individuals and couples involved in BDSM and swinging, exploring sexual orientation, sexual identity, infidelity, fetishes, poly relationships, issues with sex and relationships and all in between. You don’t have to live an “alternative” lifestyle to seek judgement-free counseling — you only need to be open, honest and willing to do the hard work necessary to find contentment in a complicated world.

Elliot strives to help you get the most out of your life and your relationships. As a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, she offers sex-positive, kink-friendly counseling and therapy focused on empowering you to make positive choices that will increase your sense of well being and satisfaction with your life.

Only when we stop allowing the thinking of others to affect the way we act, 
can we become our true selves- happy, content and fulfilled. 

Let Elliot help you change your behavior and change your life for good!

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other
relationship you have.”  -Robert Holden