What Does Kink Aware Mean?

Kink Aware Professionals is an organization run by the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) that is available for doctors, mental health professionals and attorneys who are friendly and open towards people in the swinger, BDSM, poly and LGBT lifestyles.

Kink Aware Professionals, like Elliot Swanson, will not treat you as being mentally ill or in need of hospitalization or medication because of your involvement in “kink”. They are knowledgeable about the many aspects of alternative sexualities and the relationships that come with it. They understand why people choose this lifestyle.

These professionals will treat you with the respect you deserve, rather than allowing their personal or moral beliefs to pass judgment. They understand that someone can be both kinky and healthy.

For more information and resources designed to help educate those inside and outside the community about important issues relevant to those who practice consensual BDSM, swinging and polyamory visit The NCSF Education Outreach Program

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