Goal-oriented, Progressive-Minded Coaching for People of ALL Walks of Life

Elliot Swanson offers a wide range of services to help her clients. She works with individuals and couples from all ranges on the economic, cultural, religious and sexual spectrums. Using a trans-dimensional approach, heart-centered coaching and common-sense solutions Elliot helps clients who are struggling with life’s biggest issues,

“Where am I going?” “Where have I been?” and “What am doing right now?”

Elliot offers her clients an open-mind and a guarantee that you can talk openly about everything you think and feel — without fear of judgement.

Services Elliot offers:

  • Interpersonal approach
  • Development of goal-oriented life strategies
  • Relationship coaching – for “vanilla” and “alternative” partnering styles
  • Guided imagery and relaxation techniques
  • Conflict Resolution for individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Guidance/Mentoring for individuals exploring or involved in power exchange relationships
  • Fetish discovery, understanding and exploration advice

Services Elliot does NOT offer*:

Sexual services of any kind
Guidance on how to have an affair or where to find sexual partners
*A “Kink-Friendly” life-coach counsels people already involved in behaviors that many mental health care professionals judge as unhealthy or unacceptable- we are not sex-workers- and never offer sexually-based services.  If your current counselor, coach or therapist asks you to cross-the-line or behaves in a sexual manner toward you or your partner, leave immediately.  “Kink Aware” professionals are sworn to uphold a specific Code of Ethics that they cannot violate. If you encounter an adviser willing to violate that code- get out immediately and never return.  Please consider contacting local authorities if you suspect the inappropriate behavior may have broken the law.