Goal-oriented, Progressive-Minded Counseling for People of ALL Walks of Life

Elliot Swanson offers a wide range of services to help her clients. She works with individuals and couples from all ranges on the economic, cultural, religious and sexual spectrums. Using a trans-dimensional approach, heart-centered guidance and common-sense solutions Elliot helps clients who are struggling with life’s biggest issues,

“Where am I going?” “Where have I been?” and “What am doing right now?”

issues regarding BDSM, swinging, sexual orientation, sexual identity, infidelity, fetishes, poly relationships, issues with sex (including support to facilitate recovery with and for people, families & partners affected by childhood trauma and abuse).  Elliot sees many clients facing “kink-related” issues, but you do not need to be “kinky” to see her.

Elliot offers her clients an open-mind and a guarantee that you can talk openly about everything you think and feel — without fear of judgement.

Services Elliot offers:

  • Interpersonal “talk” therapy
  • Individual counseling / development of goal oriented life strategies
  • Couples counseling – for “vanilla” and “alternative” partnering styles
  • Heart-Centered support to individuals affected by childhood trauma and abuse
  • Guided imagery and hypnotherapy techniques
  • Conflict Resolution for individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Guidance/Mentoring for individuals exploring or involved in power exchange relationships
  • Fetish discovery, understanding and exploration advice

Services Elliot does NOT offer*:

Sexual services of any kind
Guidance on how to have an affair
Instructional advice on how to become “kinky”

*A “Kink-Friendly” counselor, therapist or life-coach counsels people already involved in behaviors that many mental health care professionals judge as unhealthy or unacceptable- we are not sex-workers- and never offer sexually-based services.  If your current counselor or therapist asks you to cross-the-line or behaves in a sexual manner toward you or your partner, leave immediately.  “Kink Aware” professionals are sworn to uphold a specific Code of Ethics that they cannot violate lest they lose their certification and/or license to practice.  If you encounter an adviser willing to violate that code- get out immediately and never return.  Please consider contacting local authorities if you suspect the inappropriate behavior may have broken the law.